Introducing The Healing Scriptures Experience

A healing experience, applicable for today, personalized for you.

The Healing Scriptures contains the most powerful promises of God for healing from the Bible and personalizes them to make them easy to pray over your life.



A handpicked collection of the most powerful healing promises from God.



Personalized for easy application over your life.



Made so you can keep these powerful promises with you wherever you go.

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The Healing Scriptures by Sid Roth - $25 Package

Your Healing Scriptures experience contains:


  • The Healing Scriptures book of personalized healing Scriptures selected by Sid Roth for you to meditate on and pray over your life (also includes Q&A section answering the most common questions on healing and miracles)
  • An interactive audio reading of The Healing Scriptures by Sid Roth against a backdrop of soothing music by violinist LaDonna Taylor
  • A powerful audio teaching that will coach you on how to have faith to receive your miracle



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The Healing Scriptures by Sid Roth

This is more than just a book for you to read.  This is a powerful resource to grow your faith and usher you into an experience with God that brings healing to your whole person.


Your Healing Scriptures book contains:


  • Personalized healing scriptures for you to pray over your life
  • A Q&A section where Sid Roth answers the most common questions on healing and miracles
  •  True, inspirational healing testimonies to grow your faith



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Praise for The Healing Scriptures

About the Author

Sid Roth is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations. He is an investigative journalist who has spent more than 40 years researching and documenting miracles, healing and other supernatural moves of God. He is host of the popular faith-based TV show It’s Supernatural! airing internationally on Daystar and TBN. He also hosts the Messianic Vision web radio show.